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What are the packaging requirements for Amazon FBA warehousing?


What are the packaging requirements for Amazon FBA warehousing?

1. Use a hard six sided box with a complete lid.

2. Each box in the shipment must have its own Amazon logistics shipment label (printed from the "shipment processing progress").

3. Each racket requires four labels, one at the top center of each side.

4. When using large cartons to send multiple original packaged goods to Amazon operation center, please affix a unique shipment label on the large cartons used for transporting goods.

5. If used boxes are used, remove any old shipment labels or other markings.

6. Use strong adhesive tape specially designed for distribution.

7. After FBA packing the box, shake it gently. When shaking, the objects in the box shall not move.

8. The FBA goods packed in cartons should only contain one PO. If a carton contains goods in multiple Po orders, it should be ensured that a carton can only involve goods in 5 Po orders at most.

9. The weight of the carton package shall not exceed 22.5kg (50 pounds) at most. If the weight of a single commodity sold exceeds 22.5kg (50 pounds), a label clearly labeled "team lift" shall be posted on the carton, indicating that the team is required to operate; If the weight of the box exceeds 45kg (100 pounds), the label "mech lift" shall be clearly posted on the carton, indicating that the machine is required to operate.

10. The weight of the carton containing jewelry and watches shall not exceed 18kg (40 pounds).

11. The size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm, unless the size of the goods sold in a single piece is more than 63.5cm.

If the size of any side of the carton exceeds 63.5cm, the carton needs to be placed on a 1mx1.25m pallet, unless the size of the commodity carton sold by a single piece itself exceeds the size of the standard pallet.

12. Cartons and packaging materials (e.g. liners, fillers) must fully protect the goods during transportation. If the FBA goods are packed with packaging materials that are not accepted by Amazon operations center, the goods will be rejected or additional packaging fees will be charged.

13. Use large-scale padding, such as air pillow, whole paper, foam paper or bubble film, and do not fill with loose materials.

14. The size of the carton is selected to ensure the minimum space available in the carton after the goods are placed. Space utilization can also be maximized by loading multiple items in one carton.

15. Cartons cannot be bound with packing tape, elastic tape or adhesive tape. Large staples or nylon fiber tapes should not be used because they pose a potential safety hazard to colleagues in the warehouse.

16. Multiple cartons that are determined to be sold together (e.g. suits) weighing more than 45 kg must be placed on a single pallet (one pallet for each item sold).

17. If the carton goods (such as furniture) sold in a single piece weigh more than 45 kg, they need to be palletized. Do not use racket sized boxes (also known as "Gaylord").

18. Do not use point of sale containers that are commonly used to display goods (e.g. front open boxes or boxes without lids).

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